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Arts to Life is the outgrowth of Jessica Deutsch’s experience at Sotheby’s New York where she initiated short seminars around auction sales and over a ten year period as Director of Public Programs addressed almost every aspect of fine and decorative art.

What she saw was that in every period, even into the present, all the arts were bound together, and each impacted the other. Arts to Life, from the time of its inception in 1997 was directed at showing the vital relationship between works of art and the eras that had inspired them or presently ignited the artist. The various activities of Jessica’s companies today all have this philosophy at their core.

Each division of Arts to Life – Arts to Life Travel, Flipd Art Gallery and Auction Adventures with IGavel.com stress that to appreciate art you have to understand the strands that shape an age. These may the impact of socio-economic forces, political, environmental, circumstantial, patronage, religious belief, new technology, or even the result of a nostalgic looking backwards. These currents unconsciously puncture a pattern that orders the threads as they spin from the loom shaping the work of art. This is what stamps the age with its oeuvre.

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