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Jessica Deutsch has lived and worked on three continents - South Africa. America and the United Kingdom. She has always worked with art even from her student days at The University of Cape Town when she studied with one of South Africa's leading artists Cecil Skotnes.

After graduating from The University of Cape Town in English and Drama she did her Master Degree in Mass Communications at The University of California in San Jose before moving to England where she taught drama to schoolchildren at Cambridge University, Cambridge while studying architecture with Sir Nicholas Pevsner. Relocating back to New York she ran a company, Tribeworks which staged exhibitions of Ndebele beadwork throughout America.

She worked in film, assisting in the production of a series of children's films's for Home Box Office. Before joining Sotheby's she wrote and published adult and children's books. These varied experiences, as well as post graduate study in Art History at The Graduate School of Art History of The Graduate School of The City University of New York where she specialised in Architecture, inform all her work.

She formed Arts to Life in 1997 after leaving Sotheby's, and with an international network of scholars, curators and collectors has taken her participants travelling to all parts of Europe, South America, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Russia, and all parts of America. Since relocating to the United Kingdom in 2002 she has worked for Sotheby's and for high ranking Russian diplomats. In Russia she has had the unusual challenge of reinterpreting period interiors for 21st century taste and for identifying workshops in England and France to recreate the woodwork, fireplaces, marble work, marquetry and carved woodwork necessary to create fine interiors.

Ironically all of these workshops are the secrets that have been and are still included on Arts to Life programs. In 2006, through the generosity of friends Peter and Claire Crossley, Jessica opened Flipd Arts Gallery (a domain name held captive by her son in New York) for Contemporary art in a four story Georgian House in Doughty Street, Bloomsbury. Here contemporary art is juxtaposed with classical art, contemporary ceramics, African art, contemporary jewellery, textile art and "art of the other" in multi disciplined exhibitions where each facet of art, like Jessica's programs, enters into a silent game of ping-pong, inviting the viewer to participate too.

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