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There is no greater thrill than the thrill of collecting. Arts to Life's various activities are all geared to understanding art, its history, and the appreciation of fine craftsmanship.

We provide the tools through experts so that the explorer can journey on his own and thrill to the chase. Invariably our participants meet at flea markets, art fares, at Maastricht, Olympia, in Miami or even in the sales rooms of Christie's or Sotheby's.

After journeying with us, or attending our exhibitions we will get emails about what our participants have found on their travels or collections they have started. They are up before dawn. They are on planes to Paris. They are landing in London. Something is being shipped from Brussels.

We are proud of the skills we impart because intelligent collecting is difficult requiring years of looking, discretion, and perseverance. That is why the experts we engage are such an important part of our programs. Today collecting is a minefield with so many so called antiques made yesterday ready to trap the would- be collector.

On every program we provide forensic skills so that the marks of the faker can be read. Even so, collecting is difficult and the introductions we make to experts and scholars are there to be used, long after the trip has ended. Our new Arts to Life membership is meant to further facilitate questions regarding collecting and our chat forums for members will invite questions on collecting between members and experts.

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