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Our exhibitions take place in a Georgian House in Bloomsbury, London, where over two floors, contemporary art, ceramics, textiles, jewellery, traditional art and objet d'art are juxtaposed so that there is a dialogue between artist and observer.

Generally each exhibit is supported by commentary in the form of large printed boards so that the central theme of the exhibit is explained historically allowing for a portal through which the observer can climb and then explore. Each section of the exhibition is divided by inner layers, allowing the onlooker to peel back the skin so that room by room he penetrates further until he reaches the core of the underlying philosophical thought embedded in the artists' work.

Young artists are included in every exhibition, their work, often set side by side with works produced by artisans working in age-old techniques with the language of other centuries. Juxtaposition, confrontation, and a willingness to go where it is dangerous is a hallmark of what we do. We will exhibit work from other cultures not considered part of the Western aesthetic. Our exhibits travel often to Paris, Milan and parts of America in joint enterprises with other galleries. We do not confine our exhibitions to Bloomsbury but join in cultural events elsewhere where our artists can have the benefit of a new audience and added recognition.

Our artists are carefully selected and we like to have a mix of United Kingdom , African and International Artists exhibiting simultaneously. Many of our ceramic artists come from the pottery industries at Stoke on Trent and are masters of their trade and this is becoming an area of speciality for us. We make sure, no matter where the artist comes from, to know their background, to visit them, to understand their skills and training because only by doing this can we help them reach their potential.

Our Gallery is also about education. "To often" Jessica says "the viewer makes a purchase based upon insufficient information. It is my role to help the collector reach beneath the surface. To have the tools to develop an eye, be a detective, these are what are needed to collect art you will enjoy and that will endure."

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