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Flipd like its name explores the flip-side of how the world is perceived. As young and emerging artists are usually the ones to speak out loudest about the world around them Flipd is dedicated to the exhibiting the work of emerging artists of diverse cultures. Their perception and their poetry are always diametrically opposite to mainstream work and Arts to Life makes sure their voices are heard as the messages they carry are real and urgent to our planet. Artist are selected from student shows and from submissions to the gallery, as well as from explorations carried out by Jessica when she researches Arts to Life travel programs. Past exhibitions have included the "Concept of Other" emanating from people that discard the Western tradition of art. Flipd seeks to discover the preoccupations of distinct societies while questioning the problems of identity that arise from a global universe.

To compliment the exhibitions short study and travel experiences are advertised through the gallery, and on the web site, that will take you through the Contemporary Art world in London, Paris and the United States.

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