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Scholars, Authors, Critics, Curators and Experts participate in every Arts to Life Travel program. There is never one speaker, but several speakers on any single subject so that several different viewpoints are expressed.

The approach of Arts to Life is that you cannot understand an age without understanding its political environmental as well as its social history. It is impossible to understand architecture, or the garden or even the way people ate and dressed without understanding the forces at play that shaped the age.

In addressing Versailles and in Impact on America we would call on several speakers - a curator to take us through the textile museum at Lyon and explain why Marie Antoinette loved flowers. At Lyon too we would look with an expert at the archives of Marie Antoinette.

Elsewhere a speaker would show us how the Marie Antoinette's style persists into the present. A leading decorator would discuss what he extracts from the 18th century when addressing projects in the present. A scholar would discuss why Marie Antoinette was misunderstood by historians and tell us about new revisionist thinking on the subject. This is the way all Arts to Life programs are structured.

Jessica Deutsch meticulously researches the subject and speakers are drawn from an international network she has gathered over a twenty-year period. Her Sotheby's connections always allow her to find the very best scholars, no matter the field she tackles, or how wide she spreads her wings.

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