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Benjamin Zucker

Benjamin Zucker, although not an artist, is an esteemed gem merchant who besides following his grandfather and father into the family business has written and published numerous definitive books on both gemstones, coloured stones and most recently the history of a ring collections.

He was born on the French Riviera, educated at Yale and Harvard Law School and this scholarly background is evident in both the lectures he delivers internationally, and the form of his recent books that combine both a novella as well as history of the gem trade in Europe.

His books Blue, Green and White each take a unique structure of two stories happening simultaneously, allowing us to follow the story of a stone and the story of a family in the gem trade.

Benjamin Zucker travels regularly to the gem capitals of the world purchasing precious stones. He is forever aware of the marketplace and has an eye for what is unique, having over time been exposed on behalf of his clients to some of the worlds most famous gemstones and jewels, including those that have impeccable provenance having come from the royal houses of Europe, American heiresses, or English and European aristocratic families.

He is known for his ability to discern and locate the most perfect of rubies, sapphires and emeralds as his family's history and trade connections in Goa, India, Italy, Holland and other centres of the gem trade stretch back several centuries.

His books reveal these legendary trade routes and his own passion for gemstones. His most notable publications are Gems and Jewels; A Connoisseur's Guide; How to Invest in Gems: Everyone's Guide to Buying Rubies Saphires Emeralds and Diamonds and most recently Rings.

The items of jewellery featured for sale here are actually featured in Benjamin Zucker's book Gems and Jewels: A Connoisseur's Guide.

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