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Eric Miller - Himba

Eric Miller was born in South Africa and did his schooling there receiving a BA Honors degree in Psychology.

Eric Miller

His photographic work has been committed to documenting the political struggles in South Africa and social change. During the 1980s, he documented the struggle against apartheid and in the 1990s he covered various aspects of the transformation process in South Africa. Millers work in the last decade has spanned the African continent, and his photographs have become recognized as an art genre.

Miller has worked on a variety of assignments, ranging from news-related stories covering the horrors of the Rwandan genocide and famine in Sudan, to human interest features such as women’s boxing, the training of sangomas (traditional healers) and evocative essays capturing highlights of several dance and opera productions.

Several exhibitions of his South African photographs have been held in the Netherlands and Finland, and he has also exhibited in South Africa and abroad as part of larger exhibitions.

Currently Eric still works freelance while developing projects that examine the processes that underpin, affect and influence grassroots communities. He has had several books published in collaboration with writers.

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