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Sidwell Rihlamvul
Past Works
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Sidwell Rihlamvu is a talented young South African artist who early in his career caught the attention of South Africa's leading novelist, Nadine Gordimer who in turn funded his Fine Arts degree at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg.

The theme of the military and war has dominated much of his art as well as people maimed by war because as a black South African he has personally witnessed the tragedy of Africa. This tragedy is not restricted to Southern Africa but extends to the whole continent. He shows people of all origins maimed, hungry, suffering loss or displaced from their homelands, journeying across dessert landscapes, in search of new roots and identity.

Sidwell has been exhibiting his art since 2000 and his works have traveled to Greece, Italy, France and England. He has been awarded scholarships to study in Switzerland and Australia. He has been with Arts to Life since 2008 and is preparing for an exhibition in London in 2009.

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