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Beverly Price
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Beverley Price is able to move between many disciplines as jeweller, sculptor, artist, enameller and political activist in South Africa. Her belief is to create work that will develop what she terms a "jewellery hybridity" between traditional European jewellery gold and silversmith techniques and South African indigenous adornment skills and practices.

Born in Johannesburg, Beverly Price is able manage many disciplines as a jeweller and artists as she herself has undergone vigorous training in a multidimensional career background. Initially she trained as a doctor. She then shifted her interest to speech and therapy and practiced as a therapist in South Africa, Israel and the United Kingdom It was in Israel that she first became interested in goldsmithing while attending lectures at the Bezalel Art School. She later studied Industrial Jewellery Manufacture at Jerusalem Technical Institute, Bucharin. This was followed by study under Sir John Cass at Guildhall University, East End, London. Most recently she has received an advanced Diploma in Fine Arts (with distinction) at University of the Witwatersrand and a -Master class in Silversmithing with John Norgate and Sir John Cass in London together with a-Master Class in enamelling with Jane Short and Phil Barnes in Birmingham. .She was amongst the winners of the Anglo-Gold Ashanti- AuDITIONS (Riches of Africa) awards. Her jewellery has been selected as Fine Art for Brett Kebble Fine Art Awards, South Africa and she has been nominated for Jewellery Designer of the Year in South Africa for Top Billing.

Her works reach beyond her own country to a collective consciousness as each turns to new matter, new material that simultaneously reaches back into man's history but speaks to the here and now. International collectors have been quick to recognise this dialogue and she is already included in collections in America and Europe. No matter how trivial her material - be it a tin can, aluminium foil, or safety pins - these are contemporary art works that should have their place at stellar art fairs such as London's Frieze and without doubt we will see them there in the future.

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