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Muneyumi Oshiro
Past Works

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Muneyumi Oshiro considers himself privileged to have been educated in America. As he says "flushed out of my country I am able to see the world as it is." Having received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Art Institute of Boston in 2006 he is currently studying for his Diploma.

Among his many awards was the Winchendon School Art Prize, at Winchendon Massachusetts in 2002 and more recently in 2006 the Portfolio Competition at the Art Institute of Boston.

He exhibited in 2006 at Expressionist at Middle East, Cambridge Massachusetts, and in the same year in the at the Senior Exhibition "Clear your Ear", at the Art Institute of Boston. In June 2007 he participated in Arts to Life Flipd exhibition "East West East" where his works met with acclaim from an international audience and passed into collections in London, South Africa, and Washington DC.

Past commissions include Painting Works at Okinawan Restaurant, Tokyo Japan in 2004; Live Painting Installation with Violin at Allston Library, Allston Massachusetts in 2007 and Painting and Video Installation Works for "Hair Cut Fashion Show" at Westernfront Club, Cambridge Massachusetts in 2007.

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